In these tough economic times all arms of government are having to tighten their fiscal belts, while some are facing cutting staff and layoffs.

That is where Government Services comes in. Our goal is for the services to be revenue neutral. We can bring in new revenue to government offices by having associates that have EXPERIENCE THAT COUNTS. When you review our listing of qualified services, these are important areas of any office. Our associates have been there and done that. We are there for you on a short term or project basis, or on a yearly basis of continual support.

Example: Property Assessor’s office from January to March during processing of returned personal property  schedules.

We are sure there is a way we can be of assistance. Please review our following services.

Tax Assessment and Administration

Personal Property Audits

GS&A provides a broad range of services related to state and local governments requiring the assessment and audit of personal property businesses.

Assessment and Administration of Real Property

GS&A provides assistance to governments in the assessment and administration of real property including measuring and listing, land values and final reviews, periodic reappraisals, current land and building base rates, and values and appraisal of new construction.

Personal Property

GS&A has developed programs and methodologies to identify and assess personal property relative to discovery of new accounts which are presently not on the tax rolls, and instituting major assistance in the area of non-listing (forced) accounts.

Appeals of Personal and Real Property

GS&A will assist governments in the often complex legal process of appeals.  With its expert consulting and witness experience, GS&A can assist in defending the assessments of the most complicated cases.

Exempt and Greenbelt Properties

GS&A provides services relating to the administration of exempt properties, and verification of rural properties currently under green belt status.

Review of IDB Properties (Industrial Development Exemptions)

  • Many counties grant IDBs on a continued basis that results in a decrease in their personal or real property taxes and a decrease in the county tax base.  A thorough review may result in unknown new revenues and needed corrections for years granted.

Financial Management

Financial Analysis, Budget Analysis and GASB Reporting Assistance

GS&A can assist governments in budget analysis and preparation and annual financial reporting under GASB standards.

Incremental Tax Financing Projects

GS&A provides assistance to governments, including creative financing for public projects, industrial development bond (IDB) projects, Tax Increment Financing (TIF) projects, Tourist Development Zone projects, and Convention Center projects.

Government Procurement Assistance

GS&A provides expert procurement assistance to governments for capital projects, construction, security services, and other professional and technical services.

Other Technical and Professional Services


Technical Support and Training

  • GS&A has assembled a team of certified instructors in the tax assessment and administrative arena to conduct on-site educational seminars and training to staff of governmental units.
  • GS&A can assist in the areas of IT development and services relative to computer assistance and direct setup of systems and maintenance.
  • GS&A will also assist local governments with their lobbying efforts before the Tennessee General Assembly.

Collection and Enforcement of Personal Property Back Taxes

GS&A can assist governments in the enforcement and collections of back taxes, relative to personal property.

Web Site and Promotional Materials

  • GS&A provides assistance in the development and maintenance of web sites for governments and governmental units.  It offers a wide assortment of services in the production of brochures and flyers to help governments better inform their citizens of the services provided.
  • GS&A assists governments in developing an annual citizen centric four page report (popular report), endorsed and encouraged by the Association of Government Accountants.  This report is specifically designed to communicate to the citizens of the governmental unit the services provided by their government.
  • GS&A also can assist public officials in the area of campaign consulting, and also provide systems and all items relative to election campaigns at wholesale prices.